Sprinkling of Salt Roasted Cashews

Sunshine Nut Co.


Sunshine Nut Co. cashews are grown, roasted and packaged in Mozambique, going from shell to bag in 2-3 weeks. Packaging right where the cashews are grown allows the company to capture the CRUNCH of a cashew. Roasted in sunflower oil and lightly seasoned in five sweet or savory options, Sunshine Nut Co. cashews are designed for the purist, enhancing & complementing a cashew’s natural flavor. The Sprinkling of Salt cashews come in a pack of two and are roasted in sunflower oil with just a hint of salt, allowing the incredible taste of the cashew to shine through.

Sunshine Nut Co. creates premium products, but they also have a premium social mission behind their business. A true social enterprise, the company donates 90% of proceeds to the Mozambique community where the world-class facility operates. In addition to supporting farmers by providing fair prices, 30% of the company’s net proceeds go back into supporting agricultural development. Another 30% of the company’s net proceeds go toward caring for orphans and vulnerable children through direct donation to establish and run children’s centers (called “Sunshine Houses”). An additional 30% of proceeds goes to develop new food processing companies to grow the concept – thereby bringing economic relief to more global communities through sustainable farming. The company’s incredible founding family likes to say their cashews are roasted HOT – with Hope, Opportunity, and Transformation. Sunshine Nut Co. is a certified B corp.


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