Shortie Water Bottle Sleeve

Citizen Burro


Accessorize your water bottles with a festive and functional blanket sleeve from Citizen Burro! Available in three sizes featuring three punchy patterns, the soft and cozy merino wool/poly sleeves are made to fit easily on almost any water bottle. As eco-friendly as they are eye-catching, Citizen Burro bottle sleeves are the neatest way we know to keep hands warm and water bottles “grippy” in the backyard, on the go, or during your greatest outdoor adventure. The Shortie size (shown here in the Bowie pattern) fits most travel mugs, wine tumblers, steel pint cups, and shorter water bottles. 4″ tall, with a 3.25″ diameter.

Citizen Burro donates 25% of profits to the No Regrets Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve soil health and grow soil carbon in the agricultural soils of North America. Citizen Burro is proud to join the organization in their advocacy for a Regenerative Assets Strategy that deploys human, ecological and financial capital toward soil health and its effect on climate change.


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