Sahara Sand Low Top



BANGS Shoes founder Hannah Davis modeled her company’s original shoes after simple work boots she discovered while teaching English in China. From these signature unisex low tops to their easy wearing slip ons, BANGS shoes’ clean canvas bodies are built on hardworking, supportive soles designed for serious adventure support. Made from 100% vegan, ethically sourced materials.

BANGS Shoes dedicates 20% of profits to provide micro loans to entrepreneurs around the world. The company chooses entrepreneurs themselves, then facilitates loans through their nonprofit partner, When a loan is repaid, they re-invest those loan funds with a new, different entrepreneur, which means each loan they make funds more and more businesses over time. To date, Bang Shoes has invested in 2300 entrepreneurs in 70 countries, empowering and elevating not only individual business owners, but also their families and their communities.


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