Roast Profile Coffee Gift Set

Chapin Coffee


Experience four different roast profiles, ranging from dark to light, with the Roast Profile Coffee Gift Set from Chapin Coffee. Includes four 12 oz coffees: Tanzanian Peaberry (light roast), Honduran Marcala (medium roast), Inspiration Blend (medium-dark roast), and Sumatran Tiger (dark roast). You can download a special Digital Tasting Scorecard from the product page to note the differences and rate your favorites!

Chapin Coffee began with a mission: to turn a passion for specialty coffee into a force for ending chronic childhood malnutrition in Guatemala. For every bag of artisan roasted coffee sold, Chapin Coffee partners with nonprofit Pueblo a Pueblo to donate meals to undernourished children living in the communities where their coffee is grown. 12 oz bags provide 2 meals, a 3 bag gift set provides 6 meals, and 5 lb bags provide 10 meals. The brand also works directly with a cooperative of women artisans in Guatemala City to create their colorful woven packaging.