Raw Coconut Oil 15 oz.

Dignity Coconuts


Discover the wonders of pure, raw coconut oil! Instead of over-processing like standard virgin coconut oil producers, Dignity Coconuts uses a centrifuge that simply spins the oil out of the fresh coconut cream. This unique method leaves the product 100% raw, preserving all the micronutrients. The uses for high quality coconut oil are endless … As a superfood, it’s the perfect replacement for butter (think popcorn, waffles, toast), ideal in stir-fries, or a luscious addition to smoothies. For skin, it’s a deeply moisturizing and chemical-free replacement for lotion or baby oil. It makes a wildly luxurious hair mask too! Dignity’s coconut oil is also 100% organic, non-GMO, and bottled at the source. Yeah, it’s pretty much magic in a jar.

Social enterprise Dignity Coconuts was founded with a big vision: to break the chains of poverty and modern-day slavery in Southeast Asia. The company partners with vulnerable communities in the Philippines to build a business and establish a local economy that provides jobs, fair trade, education, clean water, and life skills training through the production of their hyper-local, 100% pure coconut oil products. The result goes far beyond fair trade and focuses instead on the return of justice and dignity to a community that was once in crisis. Because “Dignity Changes Everything” and, in fact, can change the world.


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