Monthly Collar Club

Max & Neo

$16.99/month or $89.94/6 months

Get in on the exclusive collar designs from Max and Neo with their monthly collar club. The seasonal prints and durable collars will be a hit at the dog park, and every time your pup gets his new togs, a dog at a rescue shelter gets a new collar too. Choose your size and collar style, then determine the number of months you’d like to subscribe. At $78, the 6 month subscription makes a great gift for your favorite dog lover … and their dog … and six rescue dogs!

Max and Neo’s mission is to provide dog rescue organizations with leashes, collars, and accessories so that rescues and their supporters can use their limited funds elsewhere, which in turn help more dogs every year. To date their “buy one, donate one” model has resulted in the donation of over 300,000 items ($4,500,000 in value) to 3000 dog rescues across the United States.


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