Luci Pro



The Luci Pro bring tons of bonus features to the already fabulous inflatable Luci solar light. The pro is totally waterproof and includes a USB port for two-way mobile charging. It also Luci Pro charges from empty to full in just a few hours when plugged in to a power source and lasts 50 hours or more on a single charge. Still lightweight, compact and super portable, you can take this one camping and have pretty much all your lighting and charging needs covered.

MPOWERD was founded on a sustainable model that allows them to provide clean and safe solar lights to people in developing countries at a price they can afford. The Luci light was developed specifically to empower the three billion people around the world who still live without reliable access to electricity. MPOWERD reinvests a majority of their gross revenues to achieve sustainability, grow their reach, and ensure the fulfillment of their mission. MPOWERD also offers a “Give Luci” light ($10) that web customers can add to their carts. Through this program, they have given lights to over 3 million people in 100 countries. MPOWERED also offers a “Give Luci” light ($10) that web customers can add to their carts to make an additional contribution to the mission.


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