Happy Happenstance Candle

Serve Kindness


A collaboration between Serve Kindness and Prosperity Candle, the Happy Happenstance Candle is the ultimate in creative repurposing and resourcefulness. Since each Serve Kindness glass bowl is crafted by hand, every once in a while a “happy happenstance” occurs and a bowl is created with its own unique essence and flair. A small bubble in the glass or an unforeseen dab of color in the piece allows these bowls instead to become gorgeous vessels for an all-natural, phthalate-free candle. The soy-wax blend is hand-poured by women refugee artisans at Prosperity Candle, another mission-based Massachusetts brand. The best part of this “happy happenstance” is that you can order the scent that most pleases you (choose from five essential oil based options, or unscented), and the color of the reusable glass bowl you receive will be a surprise! Generous Goods has partnered with Serve Kindness to bring you an exclusive collection of their pieces. Shop the site for these and other handcrafted glass bowls that look gorgeous and do good!

Every Serve Kindness product helps support local New England glass artists as well as charitable organizations that work to spread beauty and kindness. Shoppers are given a list of the company’s current nonprofit partners spanning multiple causes and regions from which they can choose at check out. The nonprofit partner you select receives 10% of proceeds from your purchase. Serve Kindness current nonprofit partners: Bring Change to Mind, Buddy Dog, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, Dignity Matters, Ellie Fund, NAACP, The Food Project, The Second Step.


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