Forage Stud Earring Set



Inspired by the natural world, the gorgeous Forage Stud Earring Set from Mulxiply lets you mix and match to your heart’s content! Each of the three stud earring sets – brass pebble stud (0.25 inch), twig stud (.05 inch), and stick stud (0.75 inch) is handcrafted in Nepal by master craftspeople, and each pair is one of a kind. Select the combination that best expresses your mood and style on any given day – each one will be beautiful and uniquely you!

Mulxiply was formed after founder Tanja Cesh’s world travels brought her fact to face with the horrors of human trafficking in Nepal. Her goal was to establish a business that could bring resources and employment to impoverished communities while offering beautiful artisan-made goods to discerning shoppers. There are approximately 29 million people living in Nepal. Half of the population lives below the poverty line, earning about 50 cents per day. Employment rates hover around 68%. Social, cultural, and economic systems of marginalization in Nepal lead to poverty, neglect, and enslavement. It is estimated that 35,000 people are trafficked from Nepal to other countries each year. Many victims are between 12 and 25 years old, though some are as young as 8. Whether working with women artisans in villages or master craftsmen in the Kathmandu Valley, Mulxiply helps empower these artists to share their craft, economically impact their communities, and elevate their place in society.


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