Biodegradable Hand Warmers



Ignik’s innovative biodegradable hand warmers will keep you comfortable while leaving (almost) no trace. Need one for just a few hours? No problem, simply store the activated hand warmer in its own resealable pouch and use it again when needed. To dispose, simply cut the warmer sack and compost the natural chemicals inside-it makes great fertilizer! Sold in a pack of 10, each pouch has two hand warmers providing up to ten hours of heat each. Ignik also makes warming packs for electronic devices and sleeping bags.

Ignik’s journey started on a family sailboat in the Arctic where its founders saw the impact of climate change and human jetsam on the landscapes they love. They decided to “be the change” by creating products that actually work—and work for the planet. In addition to offering an earth-friendly alternative to single use heating implements, Ignik donates 1% of sales to fight climate change through their nonprofit partners: Alaska Wilderness League, Ice 911 Research, and Northern Alaska Environmental Center. Ignik is also a member of 1% for the Planet.


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