Biodegradable Natural Deodorant



Go green AND aluminum free with the eco-friendly deodorant line from SmartyPits. Featuring 100% biodegradable packaging, two fabulous formulas (with or without baking soda), and a variety of sumptuous essential oil based scents, these sticks are perfect for stashing in a gym bag or travel kit. Smarty Pits products are not just aluminum free – they’re paraben free, phylate free, propylene glycol, talc free and are never tested on animals. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with this brand – we definitely have!

SmartyPits donates 1% of sales sold to breast cancer research through their nonprofit partner, City of Hope. The company has donated over $76,000 to City of Hope’s Breast Cancer Research and Education Program to date. In addition, for every deodorant stick sold via their website, SmartyPits donates one to women undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Nonprofit partners: City of Hope, Breast Cancer Charities of America


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