I can’t recall when I purchased my first glassybaby votive candleholder, but I do recall the buzz the company created back in the early 2000’s. Their first location was within walking distance of my home in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood. By the time the company opened a retail store at high end University Village shopping center, I already had a small collection.

There’s a glassybaby for That

As they have for so many Seattleites and people around the world, glassbabies became for me the perfect gift or excuse to treat myself. Beautiful to regard and satisfying to hold, glassybabies were also doing good long before social entrepreneurship became popular. With each color bearing a meaningful name, they are a unique and lasting way to share a sentiment. Whether you wish to convey inspiration, courage, sympathy, solidarity or joy, there’s a glassybaby for that.

The Best Gifts – Personal, Meaningful, Purposeful

When my sister, a teen psychologist, opened her solo practice, I got her a translucent sea blue glassybaby called Safe, knowing that’s how her office would feel to her clients. When my second son was born, a friend gave a smoky gray-blue one called Brother. When my stepfather started his cancer treatment, my mother gave all of his children and stepchildren a Day One glassybaby so we could symbolically join in his care. And when he lost his valiant battle, another friend gave me and my mother each a warm red color etched with a heart and entitled, simply, Love. Over the years, I’ve received colors with touching or humorous names ranging from Seattle Sunset to Master of the Universe from people who knew they would make me smile.

When glassybaby expanded their line to include artfully crafted wine “drinkers” that fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, my sister-in-law gave me the first of what became my favorite wine glasses. Now friends request their favorite color when they come over. 

The Goodness

Three time cancer survivor Lee Rhodes founded glassybaby in Seattle in 2001 with the core mission of helping alleviate the struggles of patients who could not afford basic needs during cancer treatment. Since that time, the company has expanded its giving to include a variety of causes and charities, all of which share glassybaby’s mission of hope and healing. $3 from the sale of every glassybaby is donated to the glassybaby white light fund, which makes grants to organizations that align with its mission. Since its inception, the company has given over $10 million to nonprofits around the world that offer hope and healing to patients, children, families, veterans, wildlife, the environment, and more.

One of the Original Great Things That Give Back™

When Courtney and I were in early planning stages for Generous Goods, glassybaby came up frequently as a brand to feature and a model for socially responsible businesses to follow. By the time we launched, glassybaby had announced hitting $10 million in total giving to date. Together with their supporters, shoppers and loyal fans, the company has been able to make an incredible impact in just 18 years. glassybaby knows how to put on a good (and generous) party, and we can’t wait to see how they celebrate. Even more, we’re excited to see what their next chapter of goodness will bring! – LB

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