“Celebrating Black art and building a diverse pipeline of designers.”

To celebrate Black History Month, a team of professional graphic designers at PopSockets mentored four talented black teen artists to create PopGrips inspired by their unique life experiences. 50% of all sales from their new Poptivism “Teen Tech Center” collection goes towards funding Teen Tech Centers, safe after-school learning sites where teens have access to the latest technology and opportunities to apply their skills through hands-on experiences. Generous Goods is excited to share the news of this tremendous mentorship program, we’re featuring one of the resulting designs in our collection of Great Things That Give Back™. Fifteen year old DJ was mentored by PopSockets VP of Brand Design, Justin Fuller. To shop DJ’s PopSocket, click on his design below!


“We all come in different shapes and sizes and colors, but at the end of the day, we’re all sort of the same.” -DJ