In our first year, we reached conscientious shoppers like you in 70 countries on every major continent and referred thousands of purchases to products that help make the world a better place!

2020 graduates are celebrating their milestones in truly unprecedented times. Now more than ever, your favorite grad will appreciate a gift that puts a little goodness back in the world!

Generous Goods Launches Shop & Support Initiative
Featuring Bring Change to Mind

In light of the rapid and ever changing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s natural to be feeling anxious and uncertain. To brighten your day, we’re sharing some of our team’s favorite “Feel Good Goods” that give back…

What better way to kick off a new decade than with a commitment to care better for Mother Earth? You know our planet and our oceans are in crisis. You’ve seen the stories, and you want to do something. Reducing or eliminating your consumption of single use plastics is a great start. Little changes aren’t hard, and they do add up to a big difference. All it requires is some planning ahead and a collection of rad reusables that will pay huge dividends for you and the planet.

For extra motivation to make the move, we’ve rounded up a collection of reusable products from Generous Goods brands let you give back while you gear up. Celebrate 2020 by saying Goodbye to Single Use Plastic and Hello to these great finds.

Goodbye: Plastic Cups and Lids.
Hello: BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug).

Goodbye: Plastic Grocery Bags.
Hello: Take Anywhere Totes.

Goodbye: Plastic Baggies.
Hello: Crazy Cool Pouches.

Goodbye: Plastic Straws.
Hello: Mod Metal Straw Kits.

Goodbye: Plastic Water Bottles.
Hello: Your Best Accessory.

Goodbye: Plastic Wine Glasses.
Hello: Striking Conversation Starter.

Generous Goods is committed to helping you Find Great Things that Give Back. Together we can move the needle toward a healthier planet and a better world. Here’s to little changes in 2020 that make a big difference!

last minute gifts that give back

The holidays are here, shipping deadlines for your favorite generous brands have passed, and you haven’t checked off everyone on that list yet. Don’t panic – we’ve got you covered! A gift card is always the right size, a gift subscription gives all year long, and a local membership never goes out of style.

Gift Certificates from Generous Brands

Let your friends and family feel the joy of getting and giving back. Gift cards take minutes to purchase and are available from many of the brands featured on Generous Goods. Most can even be delivered right to an email inbox. Not sure which brand to choose? Here are a few of our favorites for everyone on your list.

Even mega brands offer gift cards that do good. Nike gives 1% of gift card sales to Marathon Kids, and Nordstrom gives 1% to a variety of community nonprofits.

Subscriptions that Do Good

Keep the gift vibes going all year long with a monthly subscription that delights and does good. Personal care brands Harry’s (for men) and Billie (for women) will deliver a fresh batch of razors and shaving products every month. Max and Neo’s Collar of the Month program decks out dogs in seasonal style, and Love with Food brings delicious snacks right to the doorstep.

Local Memberships

When you purchase a gift membership to a local museum, zoo or aquarium, you give your loved ones access to world class exhibits and experiences. Your dollars also support the organization’s advocacy, research and stewardship – in your community and around the world. Bonus? Museum and zoo shops are also full of great gifts, and your purchases there go directly to supporting the organization. A few favorites in our own back yard: Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, Northwest African American Museum, and the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific Experience.

Planning a vacation next year or want to purchase a gift membership for someone who lives far away? Visit the Association of Zoos and Aquariums or the American Alliance of Museums to find the perfect place in hundreds of cities across the country.

Here’s to a season of light and love and gifts that give back. Happy Holidays from all of us at Generous Goods. We’ll see you in 2020!

Give Gifts That Give Back

Going generous for the holidays may take a little planning, but we promise it’s a worthy investment. Here are some tips for making this season your most generous yet.

Shop Early

To #gogenerous for the holidays, we suggest you set aside some time early in December. Cozy up to your phone or computer with a glass of something you love, then peruse the Generous Goods collection and make a purchasing plan. Our cause-forward community has made it clear that their desire to support small businesses and social enterprise start ups that give back is especially strong. And conscientious consumers know that brands with big hearts and small margins can’t necessarily get your goods to you in 48 hours at no cost. Allowing plenty of time for your gifts to arrive will save you stress and money. Check out our gift guide for great suggestions, or send our downloadable wish list to friends and family for inspiration.


Not sure where to start? How about concentrating a large chunk of your holiday shopping with a single give back brand that offers a wide variety of items? Many such brands offer free shipping once you’ve hit a minimum order, which means you get to enjoy one stop shopping, free shipping, AND the joy of giving Great Things That Give Back™.

Make quick work of your holiday list shopping brands like Sand Cloud (free shipping on orders $100+) and United By Blue (free shipping during holiday sale).

We like Yoobi (free shipping on orders $35+) for fabulous kid gifts, and Home T (free shipping on orders $100+) for universally appealing state-themed apparel and home goods. The gorgeous notebooks from Denik (free shipping on orders $35+) will add a touch of class to any stocking.

Subscriptions & Gift Cards

Missed the window to plan ahead and bundle? Not to worry. A monthly subscription from a Generous Goods brand is the gift that gives (and gives back) all year long. Coffee lovers will delight in a coffee club membership from Grounds and Hounds Co that benefits shelter animals. 4Ocean’s Bracelet Subscription removes a pound of trash from the ocean for each bracelet.

Or, let folks pick out their own gift with an always appreciated gift card. Almost all of our brands offer a gift card option, but you’ll find especially good variety and extra generous give backs at Parks Project and Thistle Farms. Bonus? Gift cards are an eco-friendly choice too, especially when sent by email.

We love the way people light up when they learn they can put a little more goodness into the world by giving a gift that gives back! It really is a remarkable three-part phenomenon: your loved one gets something fabulous, a good cause gets a cash or in-kind donation, and you get that unparalleled, all-the-good-feels sentiment of giving twice!

Shop the Generous Goods collection by price, by product, by recipient, or by cause – there’s a gift that gives back for everyone on your list!

In the weeks since launching Generous Goods, we’ve been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm for our mission and your excitement about our collection. We’ve heard from people who are planning their holiday lists, finding Great Things That Give Back™ for themselves and others, and using our directory to shop their values. Our visitors are learning about new generous brands and finding out more about how their favorite brands make an impact.

More than anything, we’ve heard how much you appreciate Generous Goods taking the guesswork out of charitable shopping.

We do the work so you don’t have to.

We get it. Life is nuts. You’d like to purchase from brands that give back, but the research and evaluation of companies and products takes far more time than you have. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Our team has vetted and cataloged over 400 products from more than 100 brands (and counting!) to make charitable shopping quick, easy and transparent. Shopping with Generous Goods answers questions like:

  • Does this product give back?
  • How does this company support good causes?
  • Where do I buy this product?
  • How can I support these causes myself?

Shop. Sign up. Suggest.

Our directory was developed with you in mind, and we are counting on you to help make it even better. The more we grow, the more good we can do. Here’s how you can help us build our collection and our community:

  • Shop and share products that speak to you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Sign up  to receive news about new brands and products. 
  • Suggest products that give back for us to feature. 
  • Tell us what else we can do to help you shop for good.
  • Ask us for help finding a specific brand or product. If there’s something you can’t find (a specific product, like an athletic headband or a cause, such as mental health), let us know.

We’re just getting started, and we want our mission to become your mission. Thank you for joining us on our journey and helping us share the goodness. We couldn’t do this without you!

Welcome to Generous Goods

Hey, folks. Welcome to Generous Goods. After months of research and planning, we are thrilled to launch our directory of Great Things that Give Back™, and we’re so excited to share it with you.

We created Generous Goods because we want to do more good for our planet and all of its inhabitants, and because we believe unabashedly in the possibility of making the world better with every purchase.

We know there are cause-driven shoppers all over the world who would like to come together to share stories and join the movement. This is the place to do it.

Welcome to Generous Goods. Let’s do this. Together.