Coffee Combo Pack from Elevate Coffee Trading

Make the world better every time you brew your morning cup of coffee! Generous Goods is thrilled to welcome Elevate Coffee Trading to our collection of Great Things That Give Back™! 

Elevate Coffee is a specialty coffee brand created to extract HOPE through love, coffee and adventures. The brand engages in ethical and direct trade with coffee farmers dedicated to sustainable, organic, shade grown farming methods but that’s just one factor in their social enterprise. Elevate Coffee also takes a shared interest in cultivating the lives of the workers and their families – they invest in PEOPLE as well as crops. Through their nonprofit partners, RU4Children and Inspira Guate, every bag of coffee sold sponsors one week of education, two weeks of nutrition, or three months of clean water access for a child in need in a coffee producing country.

Elevate Coffee Trading is the brainchild of husband-and-wife Michael & Alicia Iwasko. Michael is a native Texan with family roots in Guatemala and Alicia is a Mexico native who moved to Texas to take a job as an elementary school principal in one of Dallas’s areas of greatest need. Elevate Coffee was created after Michael discovered a family coffee farm connection in his mother’s homeland. In an effort to provide resources and connections for workers there, his research uncovered some somber facts. In Guatemala, nearly half the children in rural villages are considered chronically malnourished. 1 in 20 die before their 5th birthday because of stomach illnesses caused by bacteria in drinking water. Education is often inaccessible. 

When Michael and Alicia understood this reality, they saw a need to make a difference and responded in the most meaningful way they knew. A former comptroller and CFO, Michael left the corporate setting behind “to pursue a life of adventure and giving” with the creation of Elevate Coffee Trading. Launching this social enterprise fulfills a personal calling with purpose engrained in his heritage. Michael has served as a board member and volunteer for a number of nonprofit organizations providing nutrition, clean water, and education for children. Now through Elevate Coffee he is able to provide much needed financial resources as well. Alicia continues to work as a principal and assists with company business in her spare time. 

Elevate Coffee Trading Family

The elevation where coffee is grown has major influences over its quality. Elevate Coffee believes this is also true in our thoughts and lives … how we all see the world, others, and ourselves. Our hope is that together we are able to elevate the inspiration, perspectives, and quality of life of everyone we encounter.

– Michael Iwasko, Founder, Elevate Coffee Trading

Elevate Coffee produces small batch, craft roasts with trusted local and regional SCA certified coffee roasters who are passionate about bringing the greatest flavor profile potential out of every handpicked coffee bean – from its origin to your cup. The company also hosts adventure and active lifestyle events in the Dallas area to raise awareness for its products and mission. Once safe travel opportunities re-open, Michael and Alicia have plans to offer guided tours to coffee producing regions, where participants will be able to explore coffee farms, provide relief for those in need, and engage in adventure travel activities.

Generous Goods is proud to raise a cup to the Iwasko’s and to share their inspiring founders’ story with our community of conscientious consumers. Shop Elevate Trading Coffee blends, merchandise and coffee subscriptions on their Generous Goods brand page and make the world a little better every time you sip!

Elevate Coffee Trading. Elevate Coffee. Elevate Lives.