What better way to kick off a new decade than with a commitment to care better for Mother Earth? You know our planet and our oceans are in crisis. You’ve seen the stories, and you want to do something. Reducing or eliminating your consumption of single use plastics is a great start. Little changes aren’t hard, and they do add up to a big difference. All it requires is some planning ahead and a collection of rad reusables that will pay huge dividends for you and the planet.

For extra motivation to make the move, we’ve rounded up a collection of reusable products from Generous Goods brands let you give back while you gear up. Celebrate 2020 by saying Goodbye to Single Use Plastic and Hello to these great finds.

Goodbye: Plastic Cups and Lids.
Hello: BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug).

Goodbye: Plastic Grocery Bags.
Hello: Take Anywhere Totes.

Goodbye: Plastic Baggies.
Hello: Crazy Cool Pouches.

Goodbye: Plastic Straws.
Hello: Mod Metal Straw Kits.

Goodbye: Plastic Water Bottles.
Hello: Your Best Accessory.

Goodbye: Plastic Wine Glasses.
Hello: Striking Conversation Starter.

Generous Goods is committed to helping you Find Great Things that Give Back. Together we can move the needle toward a healthier planet and a better world. Here’s to little changes in 2020 that make a big difference!