Pela Phone Case

Although we compost, recycle everything we can, and try to make decisions that reduce our environmental footprint, I know there’s much more my family could do to protect and preserve our planet. Take for example, all the plastic we buy to protect ourselves and our things. While many of these items don’t currently have an eco-friendly alternative, some do. Innovative brands like Pela, who developed the world’s first 100% compostable phone case, are leading the way.

Green and Generous

It may not occur to us that seemingly “necessary” things like phone cases are just another culprit in the plastic nightmare. My own awareness was certainly raised when our product specialist went looking for a new phone case that gives back. She found one that does that and more. Not only do Pela cases help fund conservation, they won’t contribute to landfill. That is pure genius, and for us it’s really the perfect embodiment of a Generous Good.

Small Changes Do Add Up

Since phone sizes are always changing, each new phone we purchase requires a new (usually plastic) case. Just in our household alone, that feels like a lot of unnecessary waste. In the world, it means over ONE BILLION plastic cases are sold every year. Wow. So, why not purchase a case that breaks that cycle? According to Pela, over 500,000 people have made the switch already, diverting nearly 300,000 pounds of plastic from being produced.

Spread the Word

Perhaps my favorite thing about these cases, though, is the way they ignite conversations and raise awareness. Let’s face it – our phones are always on display. Since the Pela cases are loaded with style and eye-catchingly cool, they spark comments and provide an opportunity to talk about the choices we make. Kudos to Pela for developing this beautiful and practical solution – and for giving us an opportunity to do (and share) more good.

The Goodness

5% of sales from Pela’s compostable case collections goes to their cause partners: Save the Waves Coalition, Surfrider Foundation, and Oceana. The company is also a member of 1% for the Planet. -LB

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